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How to use Zen Hanger correctly (with step by step photos)

Besides Bathmate Hydromax Pump, a Zen Hanger is a type of device used in penis enlargement exercises. It is a penis stretching and hanging system that consists of a specially designed hanger device and various attachments.

The Zen Hanger is intended to provide a safe and effective way to perform manual stretching and hanging exercises, which are aimed at elongating the penis over time. The device is typically adjustable and can be customized to fit the individual’s comfort level and desired tension. It is important to follow proper instructions and precautions when using the Zen Hanger or any similar device to ensure safety and minimize the risk of injury.

You’ll have to set aside time to use this device in private because it can’t be used whilst wearing pants.

I like to use the Zen hanger for 30mins-1hr a day whilst I’m sitting at my desk working from home. I make sure that I’m sitting in a chair where the seat is high enough from the ground so that the weights don’t hit the floor and release the tension on my penile ligaments.

Because you’re dealing with added weight which will fatigue the ligaments much quicker than manual stretching I don’t recommend hanging for long periods of time, 1hr a day is plenty.

How to use zen hanger correctly (with photos)

Zen Hanger being used with 2.5lbs of weight. Each of the green weights is 1lb and the white weight is 0.5lbs.

Side view

You want to slowly increase the intensity of this exercise (just like we did with jelqing), start off with the 1/2lb weight, and only use that for 1 month before increasing the weight to 1lb. Go up in 1/2 lb increments every month until you reach your desired length. By only adding weight very slowly you’re getting the maximum length increase you can out of each increase in weight. If you were to slam 6lbs on the hanger from day 1 you run the risk of injury or your penile tissue would adjust to that weight within the first month and your gains would stall.

An interesting side effect of the Zen hanger is that it can help your penis to point straight or downwards when erect rather than straight up. My penis naturally used to point up, almost hitting my stomach when fully erect, but since using the Zen Hanger it’s started pointing more straight than before.