Can I Make My Penis Bigger

Can I Make My Penis Bigger

If you’re reading this, then you are probably wondering: Can I make my penis bigger? Whether you have spoken to someone about it or you have simply chosen to keep the thought to yourself, you are definitely curious about your penis size.

Why Your Penis Looks Smaller

1. Erectile Dysfunction

If you have trouble getting a strong erection for some time, then atrophy of the tissue in your penis occurs which causes the loss of size and length over a period of time. This may occur, especially if your penis does not get engorged. The erections that occur at night during REM sleep are quite normal, even if you do not engage in sexual intercourse. If you are wide awake, the oxygenation and stretching of the penile tissue help keep your phallus supple and healthy. Treating ED (Erectile Dysfunction) promotes the overall penis health and could help you regain the inches you lost over time.

2. Peyronies Disease

Thrusting during sexual intercourse causes so much strain and torque on your penis. As a result, the formation of scar tissue is likely to occur, as these are not elastic or stretchy like the penis. This might lead to curvature of your penis when erect, which is the main characteristic of Peyronies Disease. If you suddenly notice that your penis seems somewhat shorter than before; and it surely has reduced in size, it’s because the scarring does not allow your phallus to maintain its normal appearance.

3. Your Penis May Also Look Smaller After A Prostatectomy

It is possible that you are seeing a loss in your penis length if you just had a prostatectomy, which involves the removal of your prostate gland as a way of treating prostate cancer. This may cause your penis to look shorter due to the physical effect caused by the surgical procedure.

Can you grow your penis using supplements or food?

Neither supplements nor food influences the size or growth of the penis. This explains why the widely marketed penis pills found on the internet do not work. So, don’t fall for the lies. While the pills potentially increase blood flow to the penis, thereby making it possible for men to have harder erections, the effect stops instantly when you stop taking the pills.

Penis Pumps and Extenders

Not all hope is lost and your seemingly smaller penis should not cause you despair. The good news is that you can actually make your penis bigger by using mechanical methods involving the use of penis pumps and extenders. With a quality hydro penis pump, you just need to fill it up with water, insert your penis and pump away. After several weeks of consistent pumping, your penis will become bigger naturally. An extender, on the other hand, must be worn for several hours. The stretching causes your penis to become longer.

Can I make my penis bigger? Yes, you can. If you are not happy with the current size of your penis, you will gladly discover that there are natural ways to make it bigger. Use a quality penis enlargement pump like Bathmate and be amazed by the results.