Best Way To Use Bathmate For Optimal Results

Best Way To Use Bathmate For Optimal Results

Bathmate is the best selling penis pump. The water-based penis enlargement pump has successfully helped countless men all over the globe enhance their penises and achieve the desired results. The penis pump is greatly appealing to many men out there for the simple reason that it can be used privately in the shower or bathroom. Outlined below is the best way to use Bathmate for optimal results.

Prior to commencement of the pumping session, there are 2 critical steps you need to follow in order to achieve maximum gains:

1. Make sure your pubic hair is well trimmed as this allows proper sealing during pumping

2. Keep your genitals warmed up for about 5 minutes before beginning the routine. Just like your penis, your scrotum also needs to be warmed up and relaxed. This guarantees effective and pain-free pumping. Relaxed and soft testicles naturally stay away from the area that will be sealed with the penis pump.

Once you have began the process of pumping, the recommendations below are mandatory especially if you wish to get the most in terms of penis length and girth within the shortest period of time possible.

a. Do not make any attempts to pump the penis device too fast. This tactic does not work to provide faster penis girth or length. Instead, it could possibly cause major discomfort and bruising while in some instances spotting could also occur. Spotting and bruising are likely to occur especially if the device is pumped too fast. So, do it slowly while you are relaxed and enjoy the experience.

b. When using penis enlargement exercises as a way of enhancing penis size, remove the pump after every five minutes as this allows blood to flow out of the penis. Once your penis is relaxed, massage it for approximately 30 seconds. Insert your penis into the pump again and repeat the procedure. This process maximizes gains quite significantly and improves the quality of erections as well since blood flow is optimized.

c. The Bathmate penis pumps should ideally be used a maximum of four sets and each set should last 5 minutes. Following this simple guideline provides the most effective results. Consequently, you will enjoy an all-round improvement in terms of comfort, size gains and vascular expansion.

d. If you have a narrow bathtub that forces your legs to stay close together, your testicles may find their way into the penis pump since they stay elevated due to force from your inner thigh. Should this happen, you should consider increasing the time you spend relaxing prior to pumping. Also, position yourself in such a way that your legs stay apart.

e. Relax even more especially if you have just participated in a strenuous exercise workout such as running or basketball. To achieve this successfully, take a shower or even a bath before your session. When you are certain you have relaxed fully, you can begin the penis exercise. Remember to warm your genitals for 10 minutes and then proceed with the pumping routine.

f. Most importantly, pump slowly and make sure you are comfortable as you do so.