Bathmate X30 VS 30 Xtreme Review

When it comes to a comparison between Bathmate x30 vs 30 Xtreme, it is worth noting that these are essentially the same pumps, only that the X30 Xtreme comes with bells and whistles while the regular Hydromax X30 comes with no frills. Note however that these are equally capable pumps that produce results in the safest and most effective way imaginable. Here is a complete Bathmate x30 vs 30 Xtreme review that lets you know what to expect from the two pump variants, especially if you want results in the quickest way possible.

I have used both pumps and I must confess that they both deliver amazingly. However, if you have a good budget, then you should go for the Xtreme X30, as it offers you so much more in terms of usability and package offerings.

Benefits of both Hydromax X30 and X30 Xtreme

• Improve the size of an erection
• Improve penile stiffness during erections, thus making your erections more solid than before
• Helps provide penile length size gains
• Helps provide penile girth size gains.
• Promotes overall penile health
• Since the pumps are classified as hydro pumps, they are more effective and safer to use than other penis enlargement methods.
• The newly improved pads enhance comfort and sealability.

When you choose the X30 Xtreme, you will be able to use it in 3 different ways as indicated below:

1. You can pump by pressing the device against your groin repeatedly to produce a sufficient amount of pressure.
2. You can also use a handball pump for greater pumping power.
3. You may also pump using a combination of the aforementioned methods.

What I really liked about the Xtreme X30 pump is the fact that you can actually get more suction power even when you apply very little effort.

Furthermore, if you choose the Xtreme variant, you can expect it to come with the following items as a complete package:

• Special and more powerful Hydromax Xtreme X30 pump
• Carry case
• Handball pump
• Lube
• Cleaning sponge
• Shower strap
• Measuring scale
• Bathmate branded towel
• Instruction manual and lots more

Summary: Bathmate X30 Vs 30 Xtreme Review

If your penis is super endowed, then you should consider the bigger penis pumps in the Hydromax line of pumps such as the X40 Xtreme or the biggest X50 Xtreme that’s really HUGE. While both pumps are designed to work the same way, I would personally recommend the X30 Xtreme if your budget allows it because it provides more benefits in terms of usability and package offerings.

Both pump variants incorporate the newest technology in hydro penis pumping, which means you can look forward to results that show within no time. Furthermore, user safety is guaranteed, thanks to the numerous tests conducted over the years and the medical grade materials used in the production of the Bathmate and Hydromax pumps.

If you want results, you should look no further than Bathmate Hydromax, as these pumps produce results in the safest way and you can get the results you desire in just 2 months.