Bathmate VS X4 Labs Ultimate Guide

Bathmate VS X4 Labs Ultimate Guide

Many extender devices and male enhancement pill are in the market right now such as size genetics extender, prosolution plus, male extra and many penis stretcher.

Bathmate hydro penis pump and X4 labs both are widely popular as devices for penis enlargement and increase penis size. However, if you do not have enough experience with extenders and penis pumps, it might be a little difficult to make the right choice. The two have almost the same purpose, which is to increase the length and the girth of penises. However, the two offers a slightly different user experience and may also vary when it comes to the results. The basic difference is that bathmate hydro pump is a penis pump which is to be used for only a maximum of 20 minutes per exercise, whereas X4 labs is an extender and can be worn for hours at a stretch. There are also a few significant differences between the design and the working mechanisms of the two. This article first reviews each article in detail and then moves on to the comparison and the differences, finally deciding the best one out of the two.



The Bathmate hydromax penis pump is very popular among men of all ages. It is a hydro pump meaning that it uses water to create suction, thereby creating a vacuum inside the pump. This causes more blood to rush into the penis. The gaiters at the end of the pump keep the penile fluids from escaping. As a result, you get a larger size penis almost immediately. The best part about Bathmate is that it is made of the highest quality polycarbonate and medical grade silicon for the gaiters. It does not contain or require the use of any toxic chemicals. Hence, the pump is very safe to be used by one and all also can cure peyronies disease. Men of all penis sizes can use the Bathmate pump with a great degree of convenience.

It is designed for a single hand operation and does not require much preparation before use. You can get straight into the shower and get started with the regular ritual which lasts for no longer than 15 minutes. It is best to use the pump with warm water as it reduces the time required for completing the exercise.

The Bathmate penis pump is also safer in the sense that it allows the pressure to be released with a single touch of a button. Therefore, if you start feeling uncomfortable, you do not have to wait. The entire pressure can be released all at once with a single touch of the button.
The pump comes with a fixed extendable gaiter. As you decrease the pressure inside the pump, the gaiter starts extending outwards all by itself. Finally, you cannot decrease the pressure anymore if the gaiter has already extended to its full capacity. This makes sure that the user does not create too strong a vacuum so as to cause injury. Since the tube runs with water, it can be used directly in the shower. You are not required to go through an additional process of lubrication, which goes on to save a great deal of time.

There are comfort pads attached to the tube which makes it easier to put on the tube and offers a greater degree of comfort during the pumping. These comfort pads also reduce the risk of injury during the pumping. The Bathmate pump can hold in 23 Oz of water and a fully erect penis measuring 8.5 inches long and 2.2 inches thick. The pump gives rise to a mild degree of fluid retention, which is not at all harmful and subsides after a certain period. The results are almost immediate and last for a long period. However, it requires regular use for any permanent changes. Although the penis pump is designed for enhancing both the length and the girth, it produces a more pronounced effect on the girth rather than the length.

X4 labs

X4 Labs

The X4 labs too is one of the highly reputed brands of penis enlargement products and has been on the market for more than 10 years. The product has millions of followers of worldwide and comes with a good customer and warranty. This device is a penis extender and has a different working mechanism than pumps. It uses extending rods and screws and springs to increase the length and girth pod penis.

A look at the device makes it appear rather complex. However, the core mechanism of the extender is actually quite simple. The device has an O shaped hole at the bottom through which you are required to slip on the shaft of the penis. When this opening has landed securely to the bottom of the shaft, you can adjust the straps at the top of the extender to create a gentle pressure on the penis. The device is made out of high-quality materials and is quite harmless. There is silicone padding to protect the tender skin around the penis. It increases the comfort level while also preventing the risk of injury during use.

Since the use of X4 labs is a completely passive one, you can wear it and go about the day. Beginners start by wearing it for 2 to 3 hours. However, the period of use can be extended, and you can wear it for as long as 10 to 12 hours. If you are wearing it for very long periods of time, make it a point to remove it every 2 hours or so in order to recover the penis and induce a natural blood flow. It is also advisable to take rest every 1 or 2 days a week for the best results.
Due to the prolonged pulling, micro damages occur within the penis. The body then sends blood and healing agents into these areas. As a result, a new layer of collagen is set down, and the penis naturally grows in size. The extended tension also stimulates the growth of new tissues, increasing both the length and the girth of the penis in the long run.

Sidebyside Comparison

While Bathmate pumps key features are aimed at increasing both the length and the girth size of the penis, the X4 labs penis extenders are basically designed for increasing the size of penis length. Both the devices come in different versions and carry different price tags. While the starting cost for the Bathmate pump is $110, the cheapest ones from X4 labs are available at $75. The prices for Bathmate can go as high as $350 while the most expensive one from x4 labs cost $225. As far as the comfort factor is concerned, Bathmate pumps tend to be more comfortable as they offer a warm and comfortable feeling and you can get done with the pumping in just 15 minutes. The extenders, on the other hand, are required to be worn for sufficiently long periods of time and can cause a great degree of discomfort, especially if the user is not accustomed to wearing extenders.

Bathmate Vs X4 labs Pros and Cons & Conclusion

The differences between the two products are pretty obvious. Bathmate Penis pumps are to be used for a maximum of 20 minutes and will get permanent enlargement, anything more than that can increase the risk of injuries. An extender, on the other hand, can be used for hours at a stretch. The pump intends to increase the penis size in erect stage and is best used before indulging in sex. An extender, on the other hand, is intended for long-term benefits and permanent changes. The choice between the two can be made depending on the priority as well as the type of experience needed by the user.

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