Bathmate VS Penis Enlargement Pills

Bathmate VS Penis Enlargement Pills

In this article, we shall discuss the differences between Bathmate vs penis enlargement pills and what each one has to offer its users. Continue reading to learn more about these commonly used methods of penis enhancement.

Penis enlargement Pills

If you do a simple on the popular search engine Google and key in penis enlargement pills, almost countless results will come up of websites with each one claiming to offer a wonder drug that promises to boost penis size permanently. You should be wary of such claims as these are scams. While the website owners claim that these enlargement pills work, there is no scientific proof that they actually work.

Instead, these pills will leave a dent in your pockets due to huge financial outlay involved in the purchase of the drugs. According to tests and studies done on these pills, results confirm that these drugs contain dangerous compounds like lead, E.Coli, pesticides and many other harmful elements, which are dangerous and harmful to health. Therefore, if you have ever considered taking penis enlargement pills to make your penis bigger, you might have to rethink your decision to use pills. Simply put: They just don’t work. So, AVOID them at all costs.

Bathmate vs Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis pumps on the other hand are highly effective considering they produce almost immediate results with no risks whatsoever if used as recommended by the manufacturers. Most men who are curious enough to make their dicks bigger are often bothered by the nasty side effects caused by pills touted as solutions to male enlargement. Using a pump as opposed to penis enlargement pills prevents the problems associated with drugs entirely. Generally, pumps are less costly and are readily available. However, if your desire is to get permanent real results, then your best bet is Bathmate. It is currently the best penis pump in the world without a doubt.

While using a penis pump you should avoid excessive or prolonged usage as this could cause injury. Don’t overpump as a way of getting results quicker, you might end up causing blisters and bruising. Also, do not use penis pumps if your diabetic or take blood thinners.

Overall, Bathmate is the best and most preferred method that men seeking bigger penises would rather use due to the safety features incorporated and the effectiveness of the device. If you are just starting out on Bathmate, then you can easily gain 2 more inches to your current girth without breaking a sweat. It is easy to understand why it is viewed as the ultimate in male enhancement.

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