Bathmate Shipping Package: Important Information

Bathmate Shipping Package

Bathmate is currently the most well-liked penis pump in the market today mainly because it helps many men achieve their goal of penis enhancement both in terms of girth and length. The penis device is user-friendly and it is presented in different colors. When you place an order for your favorite hydro penis pump, the Bathmate shipping package is made discrete. This means the contents of the box are not revealed. As a result, your family, neighbors and friends will not find out about the items you receive.

Once you have placed your order and it is confirmed, the details you present are sent to an off-site computer that has no internet connection. This ensures your details are not hacked or stolen. From the time an order is placed up to the moment the delivery is made, nobody will know what is in your package. The distribution aspect of the business is carried out meticulously. Therefore, customers are guaranteed that the delivery service is done discretely, easily, and confidentially.

Delivery Time

When you order your preferred Bathmate product, shipping the delivery time is determined by several factors like your location. Even so, orders usually take approximately 3 days to be processed. Orders made over the weekend are dispatched when the new week begins. If you place an order for a product and it is not in stock while you are making your order, allow for a couple of more days for new stock to arrive. If new stock is still not available within seven working days, you shall be contacted by a representative from Bathmate for alternative arrangements to be made. The manufacturer guarantees anonymity. Consequently, the packaging is done in a plain box that does not give any indication of the contents inside. Shipping costs on the other hand are determined by your state.

The shipping cost is indicated during checkout, although it may vary from one state to another. So, the cost of shipping is included as you checkout your items. Also, it is important to note that shipping costs are born by the purchaser in case of returned products.
Bathmate offers a guarantee of 12 months its products. This warranty covers the device parts as well as the chamber. Despite this, users are reminded to maintain the cleanliness of the penis device as this prolongs the life of the pump.

In case of damage during shipping, or if the device is rendered defective, it is a good idea to contact the manufacturer by filling in a support form. Under such circumstances, the device is supposed to be returned within 7 days. If the device was not used, a full refund is issued, but the shipping cost is deducted.

Bathmate is a renowned brand all over the world and customers choose to buy this particular brand for its discrete Bathmate shipping package which promotes confidentiality. The manufacturer has shipped to lots of destinations all over the world and the delivery of Bathmate products can be done to almost any part of the world. So, regardless of your location, you can order your penis enhancement device and enjoy the benefits it provides.