Bathmate Review and Results

It’s every man’s dream to have a large penis, thinking that it would increase their sex appeal. Fortunately, it’s possible to improve your size naturally, and one of which is through the use of penis enlargement devices.

In the world of penis enlargement, Bathmate is one of the few products that have been gaining massive popularity lately. The reason behind is that it has been helping thousands of men enjoy harder and stronger erections without having to face any negative side effects at all.

That’s why it has been marked as one of the best penis pumps ever since its release. That said, allow us to discuss the important things you need to know about Bathmate in this Bathmate reviews and results.

How Does Bathmate Work and Is It Safe?

For starters, let us discuss about the science behind Bathmate and what makes it work effectively. Bathmate is a type of penis enlargement pump that uses the power of water instead of the conventional vacuum often found in traditional penis pumps.

Basically, the pressure of warm water encourages the penis to enlarge as the blood flows into the penis chambers. Likewise, despite that the gains are most noticeable in circumference and not in length, rest assured that it’s a penis pump that delivers long lasting results. You don’t have to worry about experiencing negative side effects at all.

Bathmate works in a way where the hydro pump forms a vacuum inside the tube. The suction causes the penis to get bigger and fill up the plastic tube. This also forces the blood to flow into the penis– this stretches the penis and makes it ‘inflate.’

The initial effect would be a bigger penis because of the “pumping,” which would go down after a few minutes, but this would also allow you to achieve permanent results later on.

To better explain this, whenever men get an erection, the brain secretes a hormone that encourages optimum blood flow to the “penis chambers” or scientifically known as Corpora Cavernosa– this leads to a firmer erection.

Additionally, Bathmate hydropump also utilizes a vacuum capable of enlarging the penis, encouraging for longer-lasting erection. This is why even medical professionals suggest the use of Bathmate to treat erectile dysfunction.

Likewise, by using the device on a daily basis, you can expect your blood vessels to continually grow, allowing more blood to fill in the chambers which results in longer erections.

Overall, Bathmate can help you get a bigger erection through the help of its suction. As the blood is drawn into the chambers, the penis becomes erect, and the lymphatic system gets stimulated at the same time.

It’s a single handed mechanism that’s easy to use, and it can improve your sex life because not only does it make you bigger, but it also gives you stronger, and longer-lasting orgasm.

Is It Safe to Use?

For those who are wondering, Bathmate is completely safe for use– as long as you follow the instructions that come with it. It’s an exercise device for your penis, and just like other exercise equipment, as long as you’re using it properly, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. However, once you start feeling any pain, then you have to stop, and contact the manufacturer to determine what can be done.

Furthermore, the fail-safe mechanisms Bathmate has, will give you the confidence that you wouldn’t hurt yourself, but to maximize safety, it’s highly recommended that you don’t use this device for more than 20 minutes a day.

Why Should I Buy Bathmate? What Other Choices Do I have Besides Bathmate?

There are a few reasons for you to get Bathmate, and one of which is that it’s highly effective in enhancing sexual stamina. This is one of the top features of this device, but aside from that, it can also help in strengthening the erection with constant use. You’ll also be able to have full control of your penis, as it also makes the muscles stronger. The stronger the muscle, the more control you’re going to have during lovemaking and you don’t have to worry about suffering from premature ejaculation anymore.

The improved sexual stamina, together with a better functioning erection means that you’ll be able to be more adventurous in bed. You’ll have maximum control of yourself while being able to offer more to your lover, as well as the ability to try new things in order to enjoy better sensation.

Although we highly recommend that you consider getting Bathmate if you want to achieve the best results when it comes to penis enlargement, we are also aware that you’re probably in search of a cheaper alternative that works almost the same. Some of the products that we can suggest includes X4 Lab and Penomet. Although they are not as great as Bathmate, they are some of the best alternatives that you can consider.

Where Can I Find Official Bathmate Coupon Codes? There Are So Many Available Online!

Although there is a lot of Bathmate coupon codes available online, we highly suggest that you stay away from these. To date, the company behind Bathmate doesn’t offer coupon codes anymore because of the misuse, and there’s a huge risk that the ones you are going to come across are probably fake.

What Is a Penis Pump?

According to Mayo Clinic, a penis pump is considered as one of the safest treatment options that could enlarge the penis naturally– it’s also a device used to treat ED. A penis pump is made up of a tube that fits snugly over the penis. The pump is attached to the tube, and there’s a ring or band that fits around an erect penis where suction happens.

Which Bathmate Type Is Right For Me?

There are different models of Bathmate hydropump to choose from, and here’s a few of those:


Bathmate Hercules
Hercules is the first penis pump made by Bathmate, and a lot of men could attest how effective this original model is. It’s made to work great in the shower or bath because it uses water pressure. It is capable of making the penis 2 inches longer, while expanding the girth by up to 40% as well. Aside from that, what makes it highly sought after is that you can enjoy instant results right after using the product.

Hydromax x30

hydromax x30
Perfect for: 7.08 up to 9.75 inches erection, with 5.69-7.07 girth

This is the most popular Bathmate model and comes with a 35% suction power. Aside from that, it also has a leakproof valve and rotatable body. The water capacity is 23 ounces, and that makes it bigger than the other Bathmate model– Hercules, but with better suction thanks to the stronger gaitor as well as the updated valve.

Hydromax x40

hydromax x40
Perfect for: 8.46 up to 11 inches erection with 2.20-7.70 girth

The X40 is 15% larger that the X30 and it could hold 25 ounces of water, and have 35% more power than the Hercules series. It’s almost like the X30, but it’s for those who already have a bigger penis.

Hydromax x20

hydromax x20
Perfect for: 6 inches and below erection

The X20 has the same features as the X40 and X30, but it’s smaller in size. It’s recommended for those who have a penis size of 6 inches and below.

Xtreme Series

Hydromax Xtreme Review
The Hydromax Xtreme is the newest addition to Bathmate, and it will bring your penis enlargement session to a different zone. It’s a very compelling penis pump that has the same incomparable features that the Hydromax series has, but it’s definitely more powerful. Also, what makes it unique is that it even has a variation for those who are already huge! The X50 Xtreme model!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Bathmate penis pumps are specifically designed to be safe for use as long as you’d follow the directions on how to use the certain model. For that reason, it’s nearly impossible to hurt yourself when using the device, however, it’s also worth noting unlike other penis pumps that warn you about aggressive pumping, it’s actually the opposite with Bathmate.

In fact, by doing this, you can achieve faster results— just make sure that you also give enough time for your penis to rest. That means once you start feeling sore, it’s highly advised to rest for 5 minutes before you continue.

Although side effects are very rare, those who would experience them might encounter the following:

  • Rings appearing around the penis shaft: Don’t be alarmed if you have experienced this. It’s not dangerous at all and would subside after a couple of days.
  • Penis bruising: This happens when you have been pumping really hard.
  • Testicles sucked inside the pump
  • Donut effect: This is due to fluid buildup which can easily be avoided as long as you follow proper usage.
  • Testicles swelling
  • Decrease in libido: This is extremely rare, but it often happens if you have done excessive pumping.
  • Testicle infection: This happens if you have a very sensitive scrotum.

Are the Gains from Bathmate Permanent?

The gains you’re going to experience from using Bathmate are both temporary and long lasting. Temporary in a sense that the post-pump is immediate, while the permanent ones can be enjoyed after a couple of months. You can maintain 60-70% of your gains even if you stop using Bathmate, as long as you use it regularly at first. Then, you can retain 90% of the gains if you’ll use Bathmate at least 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes.

How to Use Bathmate the Right Way

In order to get optimum results, you have to use the device properly, and this guide will help you with that.

Step 1: Slide the Device into Central Position
This penis pump comes with a patented latch valve found on top of the pump, with several possible positions– middle, bottom, and top. Both the bottom and top positions close the valve, while the central position opens the valve. Begin by pushing the penis pump slightly in a downward position, and move the latch into the center.

Step 2: Pick the Right Pad and Put It in the Device
You have to pick the right insert pad and put it into the device, making sure that it’s properly aligned with the guide markings. As you use it in the shower, it’s recommended to use the short variation, or the size most comfortable for you.

Step 3: Turn to Show or Hide the Measure Guide
The wonderful thing about Bathmate is that you can easily rotate the body and gator when needed. This would show you the measurements, allowing you to monitor your progress.

Step 4: Allocate 5 Minutes to Warm Up
It doesn’t matter if you’re in a bathtub or under a shower, what is important is that you spend at least 5 minutes to feel warm. By doing so, you’ll be allowing your body to get hot, and the blood to circulate.

To enjoy best results, it’s advised that you use it for 15-20 minutes a day. You’ll be amazed by the development you can get from it.

Step 5: Fill With Water and Put Your Penis
Once you’re ready, all you have to do is put your penis on the device, making sure that you’re not spilling water. Then, start pumping. You’ll fill the suction increase, and your penis would be sucked more.

Step 6: Repump
To keep the pressure under control, you might have to repump it when you feel the pressure decreasing.

Step 7: Release Pressure and Remove
Once you’re done pumping, your penis would be fully pumped and enlarged. To remove the device, simply press the valve towards the penis pump and that’s it.

Where Can I Read More About Bathmate Reviews and Results

Since Bathmate is a very popular penis pump, it’s not that difficult to find reviews online. In fact, you can easily find those by simply typing in “Bathmate review and results.” Likewise, even from their official website, you can also read plenty of testimonials coming from those who have tried the product.

Where to Buy Original Bathmate Products?

Original Bathmate products can only be purchased from the official store, and you can buy it directly from us. We are a direct supplier of Bathmate products, giving you the assurance that you’d only get the best. Likewise, we also advise that refrain from buying it from other sources, especially offline, as there’s a huge risk that it might be counterfeit.