Bathmate Pumps for Enlargement vs. Everything Else

There are literally hundreds of “Grow a Bigger Penis” pills on the market and absolutely none of them work. If they did you can guarantee big pharmaceutical companies would be pumping them out like candy and making a fortune.

Also with hook-up culture and online dating apps, women are judging guys more superficially than they did in previous generations, and whether you like it or not, penis size is a factor. If you don’t believe me spend more time around groups of women, when the conversation turns to guys they’ve dated they inevitably talk about the size of his dick and compare stories with their girlfriends. It’s a winner-takes-all situation for guys in this day and age, where the hungry don’t get fed and the top 10% of guys hook up with 90% of the women.

Penis enlargement surgery? Don’t do it.

But what are guys to do!? It’s not like they can go get a bigger penis through surgery like women can do with their breasts. If you’ve ever considered penis enlargement surgery then let me break the unfortunate news to you, it doesn’t actually increase the size of your erect penis. With penis “enlargement” surgery, they cut the tendons that attach your penis shaft to your pubic bone, which makes it hang lower than it normally does in a flaccid state, but when you get an erection there is no change in the actual length of your penis. So you pay a lot of money to “show off” in the locker room with no improvement where it counts, in the bedroom.

To hammer home my point, surveys of women’s preference for penis size show that the most sexually gratifying penis size is one that is 8 inches in length and 6.5 inches in girth. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of men underperforming since the average penis size is a lackluster 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long and 11.66 cm (4.59 inches) in girth.

Luckily for you dear reader I’ve spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with natural penis enlargement and I can say from experience that IT IS POSSIBLE TO INCREASE THE SIZE OF YOUR PENIS.

WARNING: The techniques and tools I’m about to present to you are not “magic pills”, this will not happen overnight. You are going to need to commit to this and put in the time and effort necessary to see the results you desire. But rest assured if you do what I say you WILL see results.

If you commit to this goal then not only will you have the satisfaction of achieving something that 99% of the male population could only dream of, you’ll get to enjoy the expression of lustful surprise on your partner’s face when they feel your crotch or pull out your dick for the first time. Nothing on earth makes you feel more like the fucking man than that, I promise you.

Before after penis enlargement photos using bathmate pumps and other routine


I started out at 13.7cm (5.39 inches) in length.

I started out at 14.29cm (5.625 inches) in girth.

After (1 year 1 month later)

I increased my length to 16.8cm (6.61 inches)!

I increased my girth to 15.1cm (5.94 inches)!

Grow a longer dick

So how exactly do you grow a longer dick? Well, I’ve used 4 different techniques/tools during my penis growth journey and I’m going to outline their various advantages and routines below. The two basic ways that we lengthen the penis are (1) By lengthening the ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone and (2) By lengthening the shaft of the penis itself.

Warming Up: Before you use any of the devices or exercises below I recommend warming up the penile tissue first. Stroke the penis a little to stimulate some blood flow and then grab the head of your penis be- hind the glans and perform a series of 10 rotations both clockwise and anti-clockwise, cranking the penis in circles, lightly pulling on the penis while you do this. This is designed to get blood flow into the penis, warm up the shaft itself and warm up the ligaments of your penis.

The All Day Stretcher (ADS)

If there is one tool I would recommend above any others it would be the ADS. This is a basic traction device that you insert the penis into, lock it in place at tension, and then slowly increase the tension applied to your penis over time.

If you want to know more about best all day stretcher (ADS) routine, head here.


If you do any serious research on natural penis enhancement you’ll come across a technique known as jelqing. It’s an exercise that involves massaging your penis so that it stretches and improves blood flow. The technique actually comes from the ancient Middle East but is now known across the world. Basically, you are forcing blood into the penis by applying pressure, thus creating micro-tears in the cells of the penile tissue which increase the length of your shaft when they heal.

I made separate post about jelqing, check it out for a complete jelqing routine.

Manual Stretching

This exercise is designed to manually stretch the ligaments that attach your penis to your pubic bone by applying tension with your grip.

I again also made separate post about manual stretching, check it out for a complete manual stretching exercise routine.

Zen Hanger

Another device I highly recommend, that can be used in- stead of manual stretching and can be used in conjunction with the ADS and Jelqing is the Zen Hanger. This device is designed to stretch out the ligaments that attach the penis to the public bone by hanging weight from your penis.

I also made separate post about zen hanger, check it out for how I use the zen hanger.

Grow a thicker dick

While having a long dick is visually impressive and can make things much much easier when fucking for a camera, having a thick dick is what will cause your partner’s eyes to roll into the back of their head when you stick your dick in them for the first time. You’ll have to get used to hearing things like “I don’t know if it’s going to fit”. Just hearing that sentence is well worth the effort you’ll put into this I promise.

During my career, I’ve had many porn stars struggle with the thickness of my penis, which I’ll happily admit gives me quite the ego boost. But the most satisfying compliment of all was when the beautiful Kenzie Taylor affectionately referred to my penis in front of the whole film crew as “The School Bus”.

An important thing to note however before you embark on getting your penis thicker; it is much easier to lengthen a thin dick first because there are fewer cells that need to be repaired when micro tears occur so you heal quicker and grow length quicker.

For those of you who have naturally thicker penises, I recommend focusing on reaching your length goal first before switching your focus to girth.

Not that you cannot increase both length and girth simultaneously, you absolutely can and if you have the time and energy to focus on both and commit to it for a long period of time then by all means do so, but be warned that once your dick is thicker the length gains will come more slowly.

I’ve used 3 different exercises/tools to increase the girth of my penis.


The bathmate is a pump device that uses water to create vacuum pressure forcing blood into your penis. With prolonged usage this pressure causes micro tears in the penis cells increasing its girth once those cells heal and repair.

This device has been reported to show size gains in as little as 2 months and users also report stronger erections as a nice side effect.

The premise is quite simple, you put the device on when you’re in the shower or having a bath, fill up the tube with warm water, and slide your penis in trying not to let out too much water as you do so. Then you flick the water flow valve at the end of the tube and pump out water, increasing pressure in the tube as you create a vacuum.

Unless you take a bath every day I highly recommend getting the neck strap attachment that comes with the bathmate, that way you can hang it around your neck whilst showering and continue with your shower routine as normal. The neck strap also helps keep the bathmate on at lower pressures i.e. when you are first putting the device on and pumping to create the vacuum effect.

How to use bathmate hydromax pumps (with step by step photos)

When first putting on the Bathmate I like to lean back against the shower wall so any air bubbles will rise to the top of the chamber and I can expel them, giving the device a much better seal around the base of the penis.

You can see the penis has expanded and stretched once pressure has been applied. It sits comfortably and the pressure seal doesn’t break thanks to the neck strap, so I can keep washing myself with the device still on.

When you use the bathmate you want a slow gradual increase in pressure. This leads to a more comfortable experience and a better ‘pump’. In my experience if you pump as much as you can straight away your dick will feel too much pressure and it will be painful, you won’t get as good a seal around the base of your penis and you won’t get as good a ‘pump’ effect when the device comes off.

One trick I’ve learned to get a much better seal straight away is to lean back as far as possible while keeping the device pressed against your pubic bone. This way any air bubbles that are in the device will rise to the top of the device so you can pump that excess air out and ensure a tight seal around the base of your penis.

I recommend building up to pumping for 10-15mins every day in the shower if possible, starting off with 5mins for beginners. The fun thing about this device is that you can see the effects straight after using it. Your penis will be more engorged with blood than normal and you’ll be surprised how much bigger it can get after you’ve used the device consistently for a couple of weeks. This engorgement effect also sticks around if you get an erection straight after using the device, so you can pump before having sex and give your partner a little something extra for their patience.

I wouldn’t break your exercise into two or three 5 minutes sessions either, I find that the longer you have the device on the longer the residual pump (engorgement of blood in your penis) sticks around after you take it off. You don’t have to shower for that entire time either, because once you have a good seal you can step out of the shower and dry off or brush your teeth or whatever it is that you normally do after you shower, just be careful not to bend at the hip as this will break the seal of the pump and you’ll spill water all over the floor.

Another advantage of the bathmate is that it can also help increase your length gains simultaneously. You’ll notice on the device that it has a measurement line on it for your reference, after consistent use you’ll find that you’ll be pumping your penis to a length that is far longer than its usual flaccid length. So this device is perfect if you want to work on both length and girth gains simultaneously.

If you’ve been using the device for more than a month, you can then start to increase the intensity by using the device while you have an erection. This will mean you taking the device off if you lose your erection and putting it back on again once you are hard, but it will definitely increase your gains. You will feel a lot more pressure than normal and it may be a bit painful to begin with so don’t overdo it, just work within a pressure that you find comfortable enough to sustain for 10mins at a time. Remem- ber that getting results with this is about consistent effort over time, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Just like in the length-increasing section you can also use jelqing to increase your penis girth. The technique is exactly the same as before but now you perform the exercise with a 60%-100% erection intensity instead.

Bear in mind this will be a lot more uncomfortable than the lengthening exercise and you’ll have to apply a lot more grip pressure to achieve the same “marbles running down your urethra” sensation. Apply the same exercise routine as laid out in the length section, but be aware that your exercises will take a bit longer here as you’ll have to make sure you are always at a stronger level of erection.

To see images of how to perform jelqing correctly, see my separate post about jelqing.

Head Expansion

This exercise is designed to increase the size of the head of your penis (the glans). If you’ve got a big glans compared to the size of your shaft then you’ll definitely get that “eyes rolling into the back of the head” look when you first stick your dick in, since it’s the part that paves the way for the rest of your penis.

Start off with a full erection, then place your hand at the base of your penis in a reverse ok grip as you do with a jelq, but just before you apply the grip you want to perform a kegel (explained in the next chapter) to pump blood into the head of your penis, at that moment apply the grip pressure thus trapping that extra blood in the head of your penis.

Then you slowly apply more pressure with each of the other fingers of your hand as they grip onto your shaft one digit at a time. You do it one at a time to slowly push the blood up the shaft and into the tip of the penis.

Once all your hand is gripping keep the pressure on for 1-2mins, this is 1 rep. Start off by performing 1 set or 10 reps, you may need to get your erection back to 100% between reps so consider that your rest time, and then each week you can add in another set of 10 reps until you’re doing 100 reps.

How to perform the head expansion exercise correctly (with step by step photos)

Step 1: Start with a full erection, perform a kegel to pump blood to the head of your penis then immediately apply a reverse ok grip.

Step 2: Slowly apply pressure by gripping with each of your fingers down the shaft, doing it one finger at a time to push the blood to head of your penis.

Step 3: Keep the pressure on with a full hand grip for 1-2mins (depending on your experience level). This is 1 rep.

Supplements to help with growth

The internet is constantly bombarding men with adverts for pills and supplements that promise to give them a bigger dick. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill you can take that will miraculously grow your penis. What you can do however is use supplements that will help improve the gains you’ll get from the exercises I’ve just mentioned.

Evening Primrose Oil

The fatty acids in this oil help to promote skin elasticity and thus allow you to jelq, stretch, and hang more effectively. The Gamma Linolenic Acid in Evening Primrose Oil facilitates the safe expansion of nerves and blood vessels. I like to use Evening Primrose Oil in two different ways. Firstly I use the oil as a lubricant to do my jelqing exercises with and secondly, I take 2000mg a day in tablet form. This works to improve my penile skin elasticity from the outside and the inside simultaneously.

BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) are a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Supplementing with BCAA’s has been shown to increase muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness, reduce exercise fatigue and prevent muscle wasting. All of these are important for us if we are going to be tearing and repairing the cells of our penis. They are also a great supplement to take after the gym as they reduce your muscle soreness and allow you to recover from exercise faster. I supplement 5000mg a day, broken down into 2500mg of L-Leucine, 1250mg of L-Valine, and 1250mg of L-Isoleucine.