Bathmate Pump VS The Traditional Way

Bathmate Pump VS The Traditional Way

If you are thinking of purchasing a male enhancement pump, there are two options to choose from. The first one is the traditional manual penis pump while the second option is the hydro pump produced by Bathmate which incorporates groundbreaking design aspects and features. Below we take a look at the differences between Bathmate Pump vs the traditional way. Continue reading to discover the best choice for your needs.

1. Safety

The traditional and older pumps do not provide any notable safety features that are geared towards protecting users of the products. Therefore applying excessive pressure while using the traditional penis pumps often leads to burst blood vessels and stress on the penis. As a result, serious blisters may form. There are many stories told of the poorly designed traditional male enhancement pumps that suck testicles into the penis pumps, which causes extreme pain or injury. Users of poorly designed pumps also risk getting Peyronie’s disease.

Bathmate Hydromax pumps on the other hand guarantees its users that their testicles will never get into the hydro pump. The innovative gaiter system always makes sure the appropriate water pressure is maintained in Bathmate male enhancement pumps always. This is a safety feature that ensures there is no danger of injuring the penis or bursting blood vessels.

2. User-friendliness

The traditional pumps make it imperative for users to use both hands for setting up and using the pump. To use the older generation pumps, you would have to stretch the sleeve on the cylinder and apply lubrication before washing your hands as this made it easier to hold the pump. The last stage involved holding the cylinder on one hand and squeezing the pump with the other hand. For many users, this was frustrating and annoying. This was proof enough that very little thought went into the design of the pumps.

Bathmate pumps only require one hand operation. Moreover, no lubrication is needed. The good news is that you can actually use a Bathmate hydro pump while taking a shower or a bath. Unlike the older generation pumps, the newer hydropumps are easier to use and provide users with hassle-free operation procedures. Consequently, you save lots of time using the modern pump unlike the older ones that took a considerable amount of time to set up and use.

3. Use of Water

Since warm water is used with hydropumps, the need to warm up constantly before commencement of the session is eliminated. Simply jump into the shower or bathtub and use the penis pump. Warm water is encouraged as it promotes more blood flow into your manhood thus making results achievable come faster. A good majority of the older pumps used air only while others were filled with cold water which was not good enough for optimal penis growth.

From the comparison of the Bathmate Pump vs the traditional way, it is obvious that the clear winner is Bathmate pumps. The technology of Hydromax incorporates truly groundbreaking features and design aspects that make it safer, simpler to use and delivers better results. Applying a Bathmate coupon gives you a good opportunity to get the benefits outlined at a cheaper price. So, apply your Bathmate coupon during checkout to enjoy the numerous discounts.