Bathmate Pump Size Guide: Quick Reference

If you are not sure about which pump you should order, then we encourage you to check your specific measurements below. We will do our best to point you in the right direction as you prepare to order your Bathmate. By developing this comprehensive Bathmate pump size guide, we hope to make it easier for you to choose the right pump.

You Must Measure Your Penis Correctly

If you would like to get maximum benefits from your Bathmate or Hydromax penis pump, then you need to measure your manhood correctly before acquiring a pump.

Step 1

Measure Your Penis Length

Measure your penis using a ruler while it’s erect. Take the measurements from your pubic bone by pressing the ruler lightly against your pubic area. Note down the measurement of your penis length from your pubic bone up to your penis tip.

Step 2

Measure Your Penis Girth

The next step involves measuring your penis circumference. Again, you should take measurements when your penis is fully erect. The middle of the shaft is the ideal point for taking circumference measurements. While a tape measure presents you with the easiest way of taking girth measurements, you can wrap a string around your shaft, and then measure the string against a ruler afterward.

Bathmate Pumps

The Bathmate Hercules is the entry level hydro pump in the Bathmate range of pumps. However, if you would like to get the most from hydro pumps, then you might want to consider the Hydromax line of pumps. The new Hydromax X20 is best suited for the individuals seeking the smallest unit. It is worth noting that the X30 Hydromax is just the same size as the Hercules, although it has extra features to enhance your pumping experience.

The newer Hydromax pumps actually deliver 35% more power than the Bathmate Originals (Hercules). The mid-sized pump model suited for the guys with average size penises and experienced users is the Hydromax X40. If you like, you can choose these pumps in the Xtreme range as well, as these come with a complete set of accessories, including a handball attachment for creating increased suction power. The Xtreme pumps are suited for the expert and advanced users. The well-endowed men who want to maintain their gains or gain additional inches will definitely love the Hydromax X50 Xtreme, which is the biggest hydro pump.

If you would like to view a more detailed Bathmate pump size guide, you are encouraged to visit the official Hydromax page and refer to the comparison table. When planning to use a Bathmate or Hydromax pump, it is imperative that you order the correct size for maximum gains. All men have different penis sizes and requirements. Therefore, it is critical that you check out the Bathmate pump size guide for quick referencing, as this will enable you to make an informed decision with regard to the right pump size.