Bathmate Hydromax Series Detailed Review

Bathmate Hydromax Series Detailed Review

Many men across the world worry about the size of their masculine member. While we have seen time and time again that it is more so about the motion of the ocean rather than the size of the boat, this is still an issue that plagues the minds of many men. Thankfully, there are ways to physically increase the size of your penis.

Using simple techniques (safely, of course), you have the power to make your junk a little bigger. One of the best ways to increase the size of your male member is to increase the amount of blood that flows into it. While there are ways to do this with your hands alone, modern technology has given us a device that does most of the work for you. With the Bathmate Hydromax, you will be able to effectively increase the size and thickness of your penis. With that being said, this article is going to give you an in-depth Bathmate hydromax series review.

How it works?

An erection occurs when there is blood flow to the penis. The more blood that goes in, the harder and bigger the erection is. When you use a Bathmate on your penis, it forces even more blood to go in your penis than usual. This increase in blood flow expands the veins in your penis. The next time you get an erection on your own, there will be more room for blood to flow thus allowing for a bigger, harder erection. To see noticeable results, you will have to use the bathmats consistently. The penis is certainly susceptible to growing, but it takes a lot of time and commitment.

So, how exactly does the Bathmate force more blood into your penis? The nifty design consists of a clear, plastic outer shell with a pump on one end and cushions on the other. You will start by filling the Bathmate with warm water. Next, you will proceed by inserting your penis into the side that has cushions on the end. Squeezing the pump on the end of the bathmats will force water out of the product and increase the pressure on the inside. This pressure will force your penis to become stretched out and it will also draw blood to it.

When and how long do you wear the Bathmate?

Because the Bathmate is a water-based product, it is recommended to wear it while you shower or bathe. The suggested time to wear this product is somewhere between 12 and 20 minutes a day. Just as rest is necessary for your muscles to heal after you work out, it is also necessary for the growth and recovery of your penis. Keep in mind that everyone’s routine will be a little different, but a rule of thumb is to do 4 or 5 days on and then 3 or 2 days off.

Is the Bathmate safe to use?

When used properly, the Bathmate poses little to no risk of permanent damage to your male member. With that being said, it is crucial to your safety that you use this product properly. This means that you will need to start by effectively warming up. Warming up your penis is the necessary just as warming up your muscles is before you exercise. A lack thereof will put you at a greater risk of injuring yourself. Over-use is another potential way to harm yourself when using the Bathmate. Only use this product for the recommended amount of time and do not use it every day of the week. Make sure that you are resting your penis and also that you aren’t putting too much pressure on it when you are actually using your Bathmate.

What are the different options from Bathmate?

There are currently four different options as far as the Bathmate hydromax series goes. The difference between the products is the size of the penis that they are intended for. The first is the Hydromax5 which is designed for those with a starting penis length of 3 to 5 inches when erect. The second is the Hydromax7 and it is designed for those who have a male member of 5 to 7 inches long. The Hydromax7 Wide Boy is another option that is designed for those with an exceptionally large girth. Finally, there is the Hydromax9 which is best for those who have a penis measuring somewhere between 7 and 9 inches.

Does the Bathmate promote girth or length increases?

First of all, let’s discuss the difference between length and girth. The length is the measurement between the tip of your penis and your pelvic bone. According to (, the average penis is somewhere near 5.16 inches long. Girth is the thickness of your penis. This is a little harder to measure, but it can be done with a string quite easily.

The girth of your penis is just as if not more important than length when it comes to providing pleasure, although many people neglect this trait over length. When it comes to the Bathmate, it is safe to say that it increases both the length and the girth, but mostly the girth. Girth increases come from increasing blood flow into your penis. Like we said before, this is the main function of the Bathmate hydromax series products. Length gain is still possible from using the Bathmate because it stretches your penis while you are using it. More significant length gains require stretching in various different ways rather than just straight out.

Are the results permanent and how long does it take to see them?

Most of the data associated with penis enlargement techniques like this suggest that the results are indeed permanent. Although the penis may shrink a little bit if you quit using the Bathmate, gains will be maintained for the most part. When it comes to seeing results, this takes a couple of weeks. After maintaining a consistent routine for two or more weeks, you should start to see and continue to make gains.

In conclusion

Hopefully, this Bathmate hydromax series review has given you a better idea of what the Bathmate series is and how you can use it to increase your penis size. This safe, nifty product has left 92% of respondents satisfied with their Bathmate product. Check out their official website for more information on Bathmate products.