Bathmate Hydromax Guide : Where Can You Buy A Penis Pump

The ever growing popularity of Bathmate penis pumps essentially means that more and more potential users are seeking these devices out to experience and enjoy the positive benefits. While there are more individuals planning to buy or acquire these devices, some people might still be wondering where they can buy their penis pumps from.

There are many options of penis pumps and other remedies in the market, but none matches the abilities of the renowned Bathmate pumps. When it comes to performance, the device speaks for itself and positive things have been said about this groundbreaking device. This explains why the penis pumps by Bathmate are highly sought after. Continue reading to find out where you can your own pump at an affordable price.

Order from the Official Hydromax Store

If you want to be sure you are ordering a genuine Bathmate pump, consider visiting the official Hydromax store or the Bathmate Direct store. What’s more, you can now order your pump from the manufacturer thus enabling you to enjoy huge discounts and tons of support.

Note that there are counterfeits claiming to associate with Bathmate, but these expose you to so many risks and the possibility of injury. Therefore, instead of buying some knockoffs from the unscrupulous traders or ecommerce sites, you are better off ordering your desired pump from the official website.

Yet another positive aspect of placing your order from the official store is that the checkout process is completely secure. The store is secured, thanks to the SSL certification. As a result, potential buyers can rest assured knowing  their personal data is safe.

Bathmate Product Warranty

When you order via the official store, a SOLID warranty is available with each purchase. Therefore, ordering via this channel essentially means that every buyer gets a two year warranty with every Hydromax pump purchase. However, you’ll be required to complete the registration process in order to qualify for this warranty.

Shipping – How Long Does It Take Before You Receive Your Bathmate Pump

The seller has put in great effort and measures to ensure that all orders from customers all over the world are processed, and then shipped out on business days. Note that if you opt for the free shipping option, you can look forward to receiving your package in a week. However, this is subject to change if you happen to live in an inaccessible location. Buyers opting for the express shipping option can expect to receive their packages in a shorter time. So expect to receive your package within 2-3 days.

Discreet Packaging

The good news is that all packages shipped out to customers are packaged discreetly plus the delivery is done in a discreet manner. Consequently, no one will know the contents of your package throughout the delivery process.

Bathmate Hydromax pumps produce nothing but the desired results, which partly explains their popularity. If you’ve made up your mind to acquire one today, then consider visiting the official store to find out what’s available for you based on your budget and penis size.