Bathmate Hydro Series VS Bathmate Hydromax Series

Bathmate is a popular company that produces different penis pumps. With more than 12 years in the industry, they have added their pump collection. First, the company releases the Bathmate Hydro Series. Now, they have 2 other Hydromax lines: the X-Treme and the X-Series. In this review, we will look at the Bathmate Hydro Series vs Bathmate Hydromax Series.

Bathmate Hydro Series

Simply defined, Hydro Series is an innovation that transformed the game. Since its inception, the Hydro7 has changed the lives of many. The sales for this device – in a year – are not less than a million dollars. The massive sales are due to the fact that the product ships in more than 70 countries. Undoubtedly Hydro Series is a starter pump for the well-being and health of a penis.

Why Choose Bathmate Hydro Series?

Hydro7 or Bathmate Hercules was the first water pump to be released. It suits first-timers and those with financial constraints. Nonetheless, the product has great qualities. Aside from making your penis bigger, Hydro Series indeed can keep a penis healthy. As a result of a healthy penis, you’ll get long-lasting and hard erections.

Apart from being very convenient and easy to use, Hydro7 has other benefits such as:

  •  Gives instant results
  •  Increases penis girth and length
  •  Increases your sex duration
  •  The product is made of patented technology and quality materials
  • Entirely safe to be used
  • The packaging and delivery is discreet

Bathmate Hydromax Series

Unlike the Bathmate Hydro Series, Bathmate Hydromax Series is more powerful (by 35 percent). Besides, the Hydromax Series (Hydromax X-Series) provides more comfort and safety than the initial one. Actually, it is a top-selling product on the market currently. And there is a reason for that.

Why Use Bathmate Hydromax Series?

1. Unique bellows system

The 35 percent increase in power results from the use of new materials. So, the company has managed to produce a special bellows system. Moreover, the system is more durable, stronger and offers more flexibility. Hence, you’ll get great suction at the least effort possible.

2. New SuperFlow Switch Valve

The introduction of a brand new switch valve is the most challenging and important advancement here. The valve will regulate how water flows out of the product. Hence, you can switch off the valve to avoid loss of water when you fill the device.
As small a change is, it is important because you can fill your device using one hand. Apart from preventing water from escaping, the new latch valve holds pressure for long.

Further, the company introduced a mechanism for a slow release of pressure. This important change makes sure that you’ll not over pump your device. Hence, you’ll be safe when using the Bathmate Hydromax Series.

In addition to the bellows system, Bathmate has increased the inner bellow size as well as reduced the quantity of convolutes. So, the user will have more comfortable, better experience.

3. Added comfort pad (removable)

Unlike the Bathmate Hydro Series, the Bathmate Hydromax Series has very soft comfort pads. This provides a more comfortable and tighter seal against your skin. Thus, you’ll have less sanction loss and pumping.


Overall, every Bathmate Hydromax pump is a wise investment. Apart from increasing penis size, the device can treat Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction. Whether you choose the Bathmate hydro series or Hydromax series, the truth is that each device will provide a strong and hard erection. Hence, your confidence in the bedroom and out will increase as well.