3 Reasons Why Bathmate Hydromax Is Still Popular in 2019

3 Reasons Why Bathmate Hydromax Is Still Popular in 2019

While it may be somewhat difficult to believe the things said about hydro pumps, the Bathmate Hydromax series pumps, on the other hand, have earned a reputation in the industry for delivering impressive results over the years.

This explains the popularity of the pumps and worldwide recognition in the penis enhancement industry. So, what has made Bathmate Hydromax so popular to date.

Below we shall explore some of the 3 reasons why Bathmate Hydromax is still popular in 2019.

1. Helps To Boost Overall Penis Size (Length And Girth)

The new generation hydro pump with lots of great features has the potential to boost penis size thus making it a MASSIVE phallus that you will certainly be proud of.

The Hydromax pumps are still popular for the simple reason that many users have reported impressive gains (30% thicker and 3 inches longer) after using the pumps consistently for a period of 6 months and repeated use is a sure ticket to even greater gains. Even so, the pumps must be used correctly as prescribed for the gains to materialize.

If you use your pump daily for a couple of months, the penile blood vessels expand in size causing a significant increase in blood flowing into your penis. This eventually causes your penis to get a boost in size. Additional benefits include stronger erections and great improvement in your sex life.

2. Designed To Provide A High Level Of Safety, Comfort & Efficiency

Unlike other penis pumps sold in the market today, Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps are designed to deliver maximum safety, comfort, and a high level of efficiency, thanks to the features incorporated in each of the devices that make this possible.

Third parties and countless reviews verify the high safety standards of the Bathmate products. The pumps are produced using skin-safe materials to prevent potential harm to the skin. The safety reviews on the products are indeed outstanding with no reports indicating any serious issues encountered through all these years.

The improvements in the operating mechanism and the additional features incorporated into the newer Bathmate Hydromax devices essentially means users can look forward to experiencing the power of a highly efficient pump with a guarantee of greater comfort, and efficiency. Some of these new features include the following:

  • New Bellows pump that delivers 35% more suction power
  • A removable comfort pad
  • A newly designed superflow latch valve

3. Zero Side Effects

It is important to note that the use of the traditional air pumps potentially causes penile microtraumas or micro ruptures of the penile blood vessels. As a result, users of the older vacuum pumps have reported problems linked to erectile dysfunction and numerous other side effects (skin discoloration & hematomas).

Bathmate pumps, on the other hand, are hydro pumps, meaning they are used with water to deliver results. Consequently, Bathmate Hydromax pumps neutralize the possible effects of microtraumas.

Since the hydro pumps by Bathmate pumps employ a more natural mechanism to produce the results promised, millions of users from different parts of the world have reported no side effects from regular use.


The Bathmate brand is synonymous with the great success it has enjoyed over the years and remains the go-to device for anyone seeking major gains in penis length and girth. Furthermore, it promotes penile health and safety.

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