Discreet Bathmate Packaging

Bathmate Packaging

You have probably made up your mind to buy your favorite Bathmate penis pump, but you’re not so keen on having everyone know about your private affair. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about the prying eyes, thanks to the measures put in place to make sure Bathmate packaging is done in a discreet way. So, you do not have to hold back on making your purchase. Place your order today and enjoy the amazing benefits of the innovative and world-renowned device. Note that shipments are sent in discreet packages that bear no suggestive text or images. You will be happy to learn that the invoice and other shipping documents are discreet too.

When you place your order for your Bathmate pump, shipping and delivery is done discreetly. This means there will be no images indicating the contents of your package. As a result, it will be difficult for anyone to find out what has been sent to you. Once you have received your order and the delivery is confirmed, the sensitive information you provide during purchase is destroyed after the expiration of the account retention duration. Note that this information is not available to any unauthorized individuals.

After placing your order, the shipping time or delivery time is affected by several factors like the day the order is made and your location. If you complete your order successfully, it should take a maximum of three business days for you to receive it. If you order your device over the weekend, you can expect it the following week.

In addition, if you order your device and specific parts or components are lacking, the seller may advise you to wait a couple more days. Even so, this is a rare occurrence. If the stock is not available within the promised seven days, one of the representatives who will make alternative arrangements may call you. Customers are assured of anonymity from the moment an order is placed until delivery is done. This explains why your Bathmate packaging is delivered in a discreet box with no suggestive writing or pictures.

A good number of Bathmate customers get an opportunity to enjoy free shipping, so you need to check or find out whether you qualify for the offer. If you do qualify for this offer, then you should proceed to select ‘General shipping’ during checkout. If you reside in a distant location that is nowhere near any distribution center, you may have to pay a delivery fee. Your current location, as well as the available couriers in your area influences the cost. Therefore, take note of this important detail when ordering your device.

All the Bathmate and Hydromax products, accessories, and parts are packed discreetly in plain boxes with no indication of the content items. Since the manufacturer cares about the privacy of its customers, strict measures are put in place that ensures no one knows what is delivered to you. If you have always held back your purchase for the fear of your private affairs being laid out in the open, you will be happy to learn that Bathmate packaging is completely discreet.

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