Bathmate VS Penis Surgery Option

Bathmate VS Penis Surgery Option

Many men all over the globe are continually seeking a bigger manhood, and fortunately, the solutions available today are virtually endless. However, not all work to deliver the desired results. Surgery, pills, and mechanical options are just a few examples of options used by men worldwide. Today we shall do a comparison between Bathmate vs penis surgery procedures. Continue reading to find out which one is best.

Penis Surgery

Penile surgery presents more risks than the mechanical options like Bathmate pumps and penis extenders. Most men may not know it but a greater percentage of the penis is in the body. Therefore, surgical procedures performed aim to bring more of the inner penis to the exterior of the body as much as possible. With surgery, results are achieved instantly and patients can gain between 0.8-1.0 inches.

Even so, doctors do not recommend surgery as a way of penis enhancement as it has a risk of making you impotent. In some cases, your surgeon may find it necessary to install penile prosthesis devices, which seek to help men suffering from the effects of erectile dysfunction. The device helps the affected individuals get erections after the surgical procedure. Besides being risky, the option of surgery could possibly lead to erectile dysfunction and it is very expensive.

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps

Pumps are yet another option for anyone seeking to gain more inches in the nether regions. While there are many different types of pumps commonly used today, the most effective are the Hydromax line of pumps by Bathmate that are specially engineered to utilize the force of water. Bathmate pumps are used by hundreds of thousands of men all over the globe for a good reason.

The pump has helped all these users achieve good results after consistent use. The hydropump has undergone clinical tests that prove it is highly effective and more comfortable for the users. Moreover, it is safer compared to other mechanical methods or the older traditional pumps that rely on air only. Also, when compared to penis surgery, Bathmate penis pump delivers more efficacy and effectiveness with no nasty side effects. So, you cannot be harmed in any way when using any of the Bathmate pumps.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies have discovered the numerous benefits of Bathmate pumps and the positive effects it has on men seeking bigger penises. Ever since the launch of Bathmate pumps, these devices are now more widely adopted than other options of male enhancement. With regular use of your favorite Bathmate pump, you can gain as much as 2 inches in girth.

You just need to spare only 15 minutes of your time everyday for the Bathmate pumping sessions to realize impressive results. Unlike surgery that will put you out for several weeks, Bathmate pumps allow you to carry on with normal activities. Overall, the Bathmate hydropump is the preferred solution for male enhancement. It guarantees total safety, effectiveness, and quick results that will be noticeable after just a few weeks of use.

If you have ever wondered what results you can expect between Bathmate pumps and the option of penis surgery, then this Bathmate vs penis surgery hopefully lays out everything clearly for you. Make the right decision and choose Bathmate if you want to see actual results.

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