Bathmate Originals VS Fake Bathmate Pump


Bathmate Originals VS Fake Bathmate Pump
The apparent success of Bathmate Hydromax pumps has triggered the rise of numerous product imitations of the same brand by the unscrupulous manufacturers and traders. These manufacturers care less about the safety and health of the ill-informed customers. Thankfully, one of the largest counterfeiting operations in South Korea was busted and shut down by the authorities. Even so, other minor counterfeiting operations continue to proliferate despite the constant crackdowns. Below we explore some of the differences between Bathmate originals vs fake Bathmate pump that you should be aware of as a potential buyer.

The Subpar Counterfeits Will Break Easily

The main objective of creating counterfeit penis enhancing devices is to make super huge profits fast. This means there is zero quality control and the unscrupulous manufacturers use cheap manufacturing processes and cheap parts. They look the same as the original products and they might promise results. However, upon using the counterfeited products for the first time, the valve often gives in first. The metal springs incorporated into the operating mechanisms also expose users to rust and sharp edges.

Yet another point you are like to notice is that the pressure resistance of the fake pumps is much lower than the original Bathmate pumps, meaning the cylinder can easily collapse even under moderate pressure levels. Noticing such subpar performance can be pretty much annoying, but the most critical thing to note is that these fake penis pumps expose you to incredible danger.

Bathmate Originals Vs Fake Bathmate Pump: Expect No Warranties From The Counterfeit Pumps

Since these sellers and companies are engaged in the manufacture and sale of fake pumps, they never establish permanent business operations. The moment users begin lodging complaints, the unscrupulous manufacturers will close up shop. They eventually reopen in a week or two under a different business name. Therefore, if you get injured while using the fake products, you will never get any kind of support. The same applies when you experience failing and broken parts.

Since the information about the fake products is now spread out to all corners, potential buyers must ultimately take responsibility for their choices.

You may initially assume that the risk or ordering a counterfeit product is no serious matter, especially considering things such as sunglasses, purses, and other forms of wearable items and accessories are readily available. When it comes to counterfeit Bathmate Hydromax pumps, the case is different because these are medical grade male enhancement tools. Unlike the fake pumps, original Bathmate products are produced in a clinically sterilized environment and extensive tests are conducted prior to being dispatched for sale.

If you come across any good deals on Bathmate pumps online (3rd party websites), it is advisable that you request the sellers to supply you with pictures of the latch valve. Consequently, the best way of safeguarding yourself from the fake pumps is by ordering your Bathmate or Hydromax pump from the official site. It is our hope that you can now tell the difference between Bathmate originals vs fake Bathmate pump. Protect yourself and buy the original Bathmate pumps!

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