Bathmate Measuring Guide

Bathmate Measuring

When it comes to Bathmate measuring, potential users are often wondering which size will fit them best. The majority of people planning to use Bathmate are not sure about the most suitable size of penis pump to purchase. So, below is a useful guide that indicates the right size for you. Some pumps come with a Bathmate measuring gauge to help you monitor progress.

1. Hydromax X20 – This is a new product. It is important to note that it is a new addition to this particular size range. The X20 provides similar benefits just like the Hydromax X40 and the X30. Nevertheless is smaller compared to the ones mentioned. The X20 is designed for individuals with penises that measure 5.5 inches or less and a girth measuring 1.5” or less.

2. Bathmate Hercules – This is the original and the longest selling penis pump among the Bathmate collection of penis pumps. Although it can still help users get thicker, bigger and harder while reducing the effects of ED, the pump is recommended for average sized guys. So, it is best suited for people whose penises measure 7.5 inches when erect and 1.75 inches of girth. It is an economical, highly effective and reliable penis pump.

3. Hydromax X30 – This pump offers cutting edge innovation. The pump is fitted with new features like a latch-valve that allows for quicker and easier filling. The comfort pad helps improve comfort while the rubber bellows provide 30% more force. This makes it more efficient when compared to the older air pumps. The Hydromax X30 also suits average sized guys with penises measuring 7.5 inches when fully erect and 1.75 inchees at the girth. It is capable of delivering more power thus enabling you to get quicker desirable results.

4. Hydromax X30 Xtreme – This is a hot seller of the Bathmate collection of penis pumps. The size of the X30 Xtreme is the same as the X30, although it is sold together with a handball pump including all the other accessories you would need to use the penis pump more effectively. The X30 Xtreme is recommended for individuals experiencing extreme P.E. and are seeking the best possible results using this highly innovative penis pump technology.

5. Hydromax X40 – This is the bigger variant of the X30. It incorporates a highly advanced penis enlargement technology that enables it deliver quite some impressive results. It is 15% larger and is mostly recommended for men with 2” of penis girth and more than 7.5 inches of penis length. Some of the components it comes with include latch valve, comfort pad, and swivel bellows that guarantee maximum comfort.

6. Hydromax X40 Xtreme – This variant is similar to the X40 although it is provided together with measuring gauge, towel, handball pump, support strap, cleaning brush, storage case and more. The pump is perfect for men with above average penis girth and length.

7. Bathmate GoliathBathmate Goliath is for men measuring 9 inches or more. It is 30% bigger compared to the Hercules.

Bathmate measuring gauge is important as it enables you assess progress you have made while using your favorite Bathmate penis pump. To find out the right size that is suitable for you, refer to the guide provided above.

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