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Bathmate Coupon Codes 2017

Bathmate Coupon Codes 2015

In case you are in the market looking for an ideal device that is capable of increasing the size of your penis safely, effectively and comfortably, you can trust Bathmate, a world renowned penis enlargement device that delivers amazing results using an advanced technique. This site will help you achieve your goal affordably with Bathmate Coupon Codes 2017 available on this website. So, continue reading to find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity as well as the benefits that the product provides

Bathmate Benefits

Bathmate is a superior quality product built with precision and assembled by hand. Its single objective is to enlarge the penis. Using Bathmate is highly beneficial for the simple reason that it allows you to get bigger and thicker erections. You also get more stamina as well.


Users will be happy to learn that it is completely safe to use the device and almost anyone who wishes to have an increased penis size can use it. Nevertheless, users are encouraged to adhere to the safety guidelines provided while beginners are encouraged to carefully read the recommended beginners routine and carry out the necessary procedures as directed for optimal results. Furthermore, following safety guidelines guarantees your own safety.

It is not advisable to use the product especially if you recently underwent a surgical procedure around your penis. Moreover, you should discontinue use of the device if you experience any pain or discomfort while using the device. Even though there are more advanced pumping routines that can be applied, do not use them until your penis is ready

Bathmate 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer of Bathmate, a renowned penis enlargement device make it easy for consumers to use the Money Back Guarantee program. There is no need to fill countless forms. It is a hassle-free process that allows you to get back your money including all handling fees. To learn more about the program, you can read the Terms and Conditions.

Bathmate offers users a gentler way of enlarging the penis when compared to the vacuum devices. It delivers highly impressive results by enhancing tissue expansion. As you pump using the device, you should not worry about the water causing swelling or water retention. The effectiveness of Bathmate can be attributed to draw blood faster using a considerable amount of pressure.

Remember, results depend on dedication and consistency of the device use. Furthermore, if you wish to stay safe and free from injuries while using the device, it is recommended that you follow the routine as outlined especially if you are new to the product. Do not resort to using higher pressure than is recommended to get quick results. Do it at a slow but steady pace.

If you are reading this, then you should take advantage of the benefits provided by the product at a significantly reduced price by applying the Bathmate Coupon Codes 2017 available on this site. By doing so, you can enjoy all the benefits that the product delivers at a greatly reduced price. So, go ahead and secure your coupon code today HERE

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Bathmate X30 VS X40 And The Newly Introduced Features

Bathmate X30 VS X40

What is the difference between the Bathmate X30 vs X40? These are basically the same pumps with the only difference being the sizes of the pumps. it is worth noting that both the X30 and X40 have similar features, meaning anyone using either of the pumps will certainly get impressive results. The X40 is noticeably bigger and suited for the men with bigger penises.

Bathmate X30 vs X40

The Hydromax X30 and Hydromax X40 take users to the next phase of hydro pump technology. These are incorporated with the newest technology of hydro pump penis enlargement, which means users can expect better and quicker results when using either of these pumps. The new Hydromax bellows system and valve produce 35% more suction power. As a result, users enjoy greater gains in the most comfortable and safest way possible.

New Hydromax Bellows System

The manufacturer has used new materials to produce the new and unique bellows pump. Consequently, the pump delivers more power and is much stronger than the previous versions of Bathmate pumps. Furthermore, it allows users greater flexibility, meaning greater suction force is created with minimal effort. The size of the internal bellows is also increased while the convolutes are reduced, thereby providing sufficient room for girth expansion.

New Comfort Pad

The X30 and X40 also come with a new removable pad that allows users to enjoy greater comfort. The newly incorporated removable comfort pads are super soft. These are a game changer considering they are now lighter than the older generation pads and provide a more comfortable seal when fitted on the body. Consequently, users can now pump less without necessarily using so much force. In addition, the newly introduced comfort pads also reduce suction power loss. The outer edge of the component is also soft to the touch and feels great on the groin. The inner tube provides a sturdy and stronger shield over the penis. The new generation comfort pads are removable, thereby allowing for easier cleaning and maintenance of general hygiene.

Imperial and Metric Scale Measuring Guide

With the new X20, X30, and X40 Hydromax pumps, you are provided with a clear metric measuring guide. The guide that appears at the front of your device is completely redesigned. As a result, it now includes metric and imperial measurements, meaning you can easily monitor your progress using your preferred scale.

Better Performance Latch Valve

This could possibly be the most critical innovation ever seen on a hydro pump. While it is technically challenging, the system has been re-engineered such that the valve can now control water flow. With the addition of the new and more effective latch valve mechanism, users can now shut the valve thus preventing from escaping after the device has been filled. Even though this new addition to the valve mechanism may seem minor, it is a vital change that will allow users to fill their devices using one hand. The valve is also designed to maintain pressure for longer periods while releasing pressure slowly to prevent over pumping.

If you’re comparing the Bathmate X30 vs X40, you are bound to discover that these pumps are the same. The only notable difference is the size.